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The One Where Chandler Gets Caught

Rachel and Phoebe spot Chandler with a blonde stranger; Phoebe thinks he's having an affair. They follow the pair to a house outside the city. They tell the rest of the gang, and then confront Monica and Chandler, forcing the revelation that Monica and Chandler are trying to move to a house outside the city to raise their child. In attempts to convice Chandler and Monica to stay, their friends remind them of all the great memories they've had in their apartment in the city (shown as clips from previous episodes).

钱德和莫妮卡为迎接即将到来的BB, 计划着搬家。钱德和漂亮的女房产经纪南希去看房子,被瑞秋和菲比发现,误以为钱德和她有染。





  在这一集中,Phoebe问大家,如果必须要选择的话,他们会选择放弃Eood还是sex。Monica选择放弃sex,或许因为她是个厨师,或许因为她正在津津有味地品尝一块儿蛋糕。 Ross在good和sex之间选择了sex。但当要他在sex和dinosaurs之闻作抉撬时,他却难以取舍。Joey则两个都不愿舍弃,他的曼有趣

-“A want girls on bredd!”

Monica: (really excited) Mmh... this cake is amazing!

Rachel: My God, get a room!

Monica: I would get a room with this cake. I think I could show this cake a good time!

Phoebe: If you had to, what would you give up, food or sex?


如果有两个人当着你的面特别亲热,让你浑身不舒服,你就可以对他们说:Hi,guys!Get a room for it!或者:I am so annoyed about what you arc doing in front of me.So go and do it somewhere else.

在口语中,还有一些有关“get”的说法,大家对它们可能也不陌生。比如,Got it!/Gotcha!/See!(明白了,懂了,了解了。)It gets me.(把我难住了。我真不理解。)

get sth.across(to make oneself understood)(使被人理解)例如:How can I get this point across to the students?(我怎样才能让学生明白这一点呢?)

get(sth.or sb.)wrong(误解,误会)比如:Don't get me wrong. I don’t mean to hurt you.(不要误会。我不是故意伤你的。)

get sth.done(完成,结束,解决)相当于finish,fulfill,accomplish,complete,carry out,bring sth,to an end,draw sth.to a close,figure sth.out,work sth.out,sort sth.out等等。

get over(忘记)比如:Even though wc have brokcn uP for sueh a long time。I still couldn't get her over.(虽然我们已经分手很长时间了,可我还是忘不了她。)get over另一个意思“克服,忍受”。例如:Can we get ovcr this dimcultv?(我们能克服这个困难吗?)还有一个意思则是“复原,痊愈,康复”。例如:It took me a long time to get over my cold.(我的感冒过了很久才好。)

get through to(接通电话)类似于put through to。例如:
Plcase get me through to this extension.(请帮我接通分机号码。)

get along(to be or conti’nue to be on harmonious terms)(相处融洽,进展)例如:

This superstar is so easy-going that she can get along well with fans.

get somewhere(取得进步或获得成功)例如:
As long as you work hard,you will find that you arc gettingng somewhere at the end of thc day.(只要你努力,最终,你会发现你正在不断进步。)

相反地,get nowhere则意为“无进展,无进步,无成效”。例如:This negotiation is gettiing nowhere at all.(这次谈判毫无进展。)

10-10-2 Chandler的“风流事”


这一集中,Chandler和Monica为迎接即将到来的baby,计划着购买新房子,然后搬家。Chandler和漂亮的女房产经纪人Namcy去看房子,正巧被Rachel和Phoebe发现,她俩误以为Chandlen和她有染。Ross和Joey二人得知Chandlert的“风流韵事”之后,也忿忿不平,一同去告诉和安慰Monica, 要为Monica撑腰做主。无奈之下,Monican和Chandlen只好说出他们已经看中了房子,将要搬家的消息。大家很难过,一起回想过去9年里大家在这个屋子里一起生活的酸甜苦辣、点点滴滴。他们回忆起了当年Joey和Chandlen通过答题成功,击败Rachel和Monica后,搬进Rachel和Monica公寓里的往事。

Rachel: You know what, you are mean boys, who are just being mean!

Joey: Hey, don't get mad at us! No one forced you to raise the stakes!

Rachel: That is not true. She did! She forced me!

Monica: Hey, we would still be living here if hadn't gotten the question wrong!

Rachel: Well it stupid, unfair question!

Ross: Don't blame the questions!

Chandler: Would you all stop yelling in our apartment! You are ruining moving day for us!


mean在这里的意思是“差劲的,卑鄙的,可恶的”。例如:a mean motive(一个卑鄙的动机)又如:Stop being so mean to me!I got enough of it.(别再那么可恶地对我。我已经受够了。)以及He's no mean ceacher.(他可不是个差劲的教师。)

此外,mean作形容词还有“吝啬的,小气的,自私的”的意思。如:The Japanese employers are mean.They even don't bother about their employees’overtime pay.(日本老板很抠门。他们甚至不愿支付员工的加班费。)

在口语中还有我们所熟悉的:You know what I mean?(明白我的意思吗?)如:I'm sorry,but love takes two,you know what I mean?(对不起,但是,爱不是一厢情愿。你明白我的意思吗?)还有:What do you mean by...?(你是什么意思?)例如:What do you mean by saying this to me?(你对我说这些,是什么意思?)另一个口头禅:I mean...这一表达因为被用的频率太高,也就失去了本身的一些意思,口语中适当运用这个表达,会给你一些时间思考下文,并使你的口语听起来流利、地道。例如:I don’t bother to compete with you.I mean,what's the point? It doesn't make any differences to me whether the winner is you or me.(我真的不想和你争来抢去。有什么意义呢?不论是你赢还是我胜,对我来说没什么差别。)又如:I really do love him as a friend,I mean.(我真的很爱他。我是说,作为一个朋友。)

当你想表达自己是认真的、不是开玩笑时,你可以说:I mean it!或者I mean what I say.,相当于I am serious.或Nojoking/No kidding.

此外,我们也常说sb./sth.means much(a great deal)to sb.(某人或某事对某人很重要,对某人很可贵)大家可能在歌词或电影对白里听到过“You mean the whole world to me.”(你是我的全部。/你对我来说很重要。)Money means everything.也就是说Money talks.(金钱万能。)

mean还有“故意,打算,有意”的意思,如:I'm sorry if I offended you.I didn't mean any harm.即:I didn't mean to offend you.(我不是有意冒犯你。)I meant to give you this book today,but I forgot.(我本来打算今天给你这本书的,可是我忘了。)be meant to(命运注定,必须)如:I believe is meant to be a star.(我相信他天生是要当明星的命。)又如:You are meant to leave a tip.(你得留下小费。)在这个例句中,其意思有些类似于be supposed to。