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The One With Ross's Grant

Chandler's ad agency gets a new account and Joey wants Chandler to get him in the commercial. Chandler doesn't think he's right for the part, so Joey gives him a video tape containing a sample of his commercial work. Chandler doesn't watch it, but lies that he did. Joey realizes the truth because Chandler never says anything about his Japanese 'Ichiban: Lipstick for men" commercial. Ross is applying for a paleontology grant and finds out Charlie's old boyfriend (Benjamin) evaluates the applicants. Charlie introduces them, and Benjamin immediately starts pressuring Ross to break up with her, so he can get her back. Ross doesn't give in, but eventually Charlie decides to get back together with Benjamin anyway. Phoebe is clearing stuff out of her apartment to make room for Mike; she decides to get rid of some hideous artwork she created, and tries to give it to Monica and Rachel, who had been pretending to like it.

罗斯很想得到一笔科研究经费,负责审核把关的人是女朋友查理的前任男友、诺贝尔奖金获得者本杰明(Greg Kinnear客串)。他说只要罗斯跟查理分手,就给他那笔科研经费,。罗斯不同意,却没想到查理和本杰明旧情复燃,罗斯陪了夫人又折兵。



10-06-1 “艺术品”礼物


在这一集中,Phoebe收拾东西,想扔掉一些东西,好让Mike搬进采。她有些不舍得把自己曾创作过的所谓的“艺术品”当成垃圾扔了,于是她把它送给了Monica。Monica看看“不堪入目”的“艺术品”, 心里是一百个不愿意。于是她就劝说Phoebe应该为自己的“艺术品”而战,不能轻易地放弃和妥协。Phoebe转而一想说:你说的对。不过,那样的话,你就得不到这个“艺术品”礼物了。Monica无言……

Monica: Oh, well. Now that I'm here I might as well help you with the cleaning and organizing! Just happen to have my label maker!
Phoebe: Oh, it's so hard to get rid of stuff! Did you and Chandler have to make compromises when you first moved in together?
Monica: Uh, Chandler did! What does he want you to give up?


看到happen,应该会联想到:Never mind.It happens.(人生偶尔会有不顺的事发生,没什么大不了。)还有,What’s up?What happened?(发生什么事了?出了什么事?)这里,happen意为碰巧,恰巧,刚好,偶然发生

(to do or to be by chance)(与to或that连用)。例如:

They happened to look in each others’eyes at the same time.(他们看对眼了。)
Fortunately it happened(that)there was no one in the house at the time of the explosion.(幸运的是,爆炸时屋里刚好没人。)

happen to sb.发生到某人身上,降临到某人头上,例如:

I don't really know what l'd do if anything happened to him.
Bad luck happened to that family.

make compromises意思是“让步,妥协,退让”。相应表达法还有:make a concession to,come to terms with,meet sb).halfway等。

make是英语当中非常常用的一个动词,下面简单总结一下常用的含make词组的表达法:首先,提一下戏剧大师William Shakespeare的Mid-Sllmmer Night's Dream(《仲夏夜之梦》)中的“Love makes fools of us a11.”,其中makc a fool of oneself表示“出洋相,做傻事,丢丑,闹笑话”。

之后,是大家熟悉的歌词:“What can I do to make it up to you?Proraise doesn’t come easy.”中make jt up to somebody for something(向某人做事情来弥衤、所欠的)。例如:

How can we make up to you for what you have suffered?
·make up for lost time

此外,make up还有“和解,和好”之意。例如:
After breaking up for a month,this couple made up again.

make up还有“编造,捏造,虚构”的意思。例如:

The boy made up an excuse,to ask for leave.

口语中常用:make it!(非正式用语),其意思是“成功做某事”(To be successful/Did it!)例如:Finally,he made it as a superstar.(最后成功地成了一名超级巨星。)又如:I believe in you.You can make it.(我相信你。你一定会成功的。)另一个常见句型是:I am sorry,but as for the appointment,I can’t make it today.(对不起,恐怕我今天无法赴约了。)这里的make it就是“做到,办成,如约而至”的意思。

另外,我们在电影对白或歌词中常能碰到:You can make a difference.(你可以与众不同。)又如:It doesn't make any difference to me.(对我来说,那没什么分别,都一样。)此外,make all the difference的意思是“天洲之别,大不相同”。例如:
·It's the little bit of salt that you add to the dish that makes all th.difference.

make vourself at home(随意点,当成自己家)。例如:
·You are welcome to my house anytime.so just make yourself at home.

make up(one's)mind(下定决心,做出决定或提出意见)。例如:
This single mother was ambitious for her son and made up her mind to make him a big fish out of a common boy.

make(both)ends meet(收支平衡设法使某人的财产和花费相抵)。例如:

·In this city,the 1evel or consumpn。on is pretty high.So I gotta hunt for a well-paid job to make both cnds meet.(这个城市的消费水平太高。所以,我得找一个薪水高一点儿的工作来保证收支平衡。)
make fun of(嘲笑,嘲讽)。例如:
We are not supposed to make fun of disabled people.

make headway(取得进展)。在新闻英语中你会经常会听到这个短语。

·Bi一1ateral talks are making vety little headway.

make(sheep's)eyes at sb.(暗送秋波);be made for each othler(很般配,是天生的一对),例如:
·He 1ost his heart to the fair lady at the first sight.He thinks that they are made fbr each other.So whenever he meets her,he tries to make sheep’s eyes at her.

此外还有make(funny)faceS(扮鬼脸);Make hay while the sun shines.(抓住大好时机做事情。/趁大好时光。)





Rachel: But I insist harder!
Phoebe: Girls, girls, stop, ok? We'll flip a coin. Heads, she's Rachel's, tails she's Monica's. (she flips the coin). Tails! Monica, she's yours!
Monica: No, that landed in your food!
Rachel: (sarcastic) No, no, that's ok. You won fair and square. I'm so sad!


为了突显“实用性”,这里的讲解涉及面较广,更有助于读者的理解与掌握。比如,“抛硬币来决定”英文是to flip a coin或者是Heads or tails.而“抓阄,抽签决定”则是:draw lots,draw straws。

Every coin has two sides.(任何事物都有好坏正反两方面。)
pay sb.back in his own coin.(以其人之道还治其人之身。)
Heads or tails.(掷铜板解决问题。)
Heads I win,tails you lose.(不论怎样,你都输定了。)

相比较而言,外国人好像更注重“公平,平等”。fair and square(公正,正大光明地)We won the match fair and square.(我们正大光明地赢了这场比赛。)口语中,你可能经常听人说:fair enough.意思就是“说得对,说得不错”或“合情合理,有道理”。例如:

I’ll make lunch,and you do the washing-up.Fair enough.
It’s fair to say.相当于It is true to say.


I think it’s fair to say (that) you beat me.You deserve to win.

另外,It’s only fair...意为:It is the right way to treat someone and what they deserve.例如:I think it’s only fair to tell you that we have had over 300 applications for this job.

to be fair的意思是“公正地讲”。例如:He’s done the job badly but,to be fair,I gave him very little time to do it.

还有,fair play/play fair通常用来指“公平竞争,体育中的公平竞赛,公平不偏不倚的对待”。

提到square,大家应该对“Be there or be square.(不见不散)”不陌生吧。

square 也有“正直地,公平(的)地,平等地”之意,如,a square deal(公平交易),play square(行为光明正大,做事光明磊落)等等。


10-06-3 鱼和熊掌不能兼得


在本集中,Ross很想得到一笔科研经费(grant),但碰巧负审核把关这笔科研经费归属的人是女朋友Charlie 的前任男友——诺贝尔奖金获得者Benjamin。Benjamin说只要Ross跟Charlie分手,就给他那笔科研经费。Ross不同意,却没想到Charlie和Benjamin旧情复燃。Ross陪了夫人又折兵。在“鱼和熊掌不能兼得”的境况中,你会做出怎样的抉择呢?

Ross: (annoyed) um... I've never heard of a "Boscodictiasaur".

Benjamin: Yeah, I just made it up. Spell it.

Ross: (stares at him angrily) Ok. (determined to spell it correctly) B - O - S ...

Benjamin: No, it starts with a silent "M".

Ross: Oh come on!!


make up这个动词短语有很多意思。在这里简单总结一下几个比较常用的:在本片断中made it up等于coin it,其意思是“编造,生造,杜撰设计新单词或短语”make up sth.or make sth.up(编造,捏造,虚构故事或借口等)例如:
Can’t you make up a better excuse?

make up sth.另外一个意思是“构成,由……组成,包含”(be made up of),它相当于be composed of(被动结构)。例如:Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.也可以说:Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.(水是由氢和氧组成的。)类似的表达法还有:consist of,comprise,contain等。(主动结构,后面直接跟宾语)。例如:

“The committee comprises/consists of contains five persons.

We argue a lot,but we can always making up.

这里,make up是作“和解,和好”讲。make up for sth.(弥补,补偿,赔偿,补足,补考)例如:
Students who failed in the exam will get-another chance to make up for it.(不及格的学生有另外一次补考机会。)
They hurried on to make up for lost time.(他们加速进行以补回失去的时间。)
make it up to sb.(for sth.)的意思是“凶某事补偿某人”。例如:How can we make up to you for what you have lost?(要怎样我们才能补偿你所遭受的损失呢?)

女孩子对make up作“化妆,化装”讲可能比较熟悉。因为经常会在化妆品的包装上看到make-up(化妆品)字样,相当于cosmetics。例如:

You’d better make yourself up if you are about to join the ball.(如果你要去舞会,你最好还是化化妆。)

(come on!(c’mon)是一个常挂在美国人嘴边的最酷口语。(something that you say to someone in order to encourage them to do something you want them to do,especially to hurry up,to try harder,or to tell you something)它的意思有:“加油!加把劲!振作起来!快点,跟着来,过来,得啦,拜托”等。关键是我们要学会在不同场合和时间会灵活运用!举例如下:

Come on! You can do that!(加油!你能做到!)
Come on,or we’ll miss the last bus!(快点!否则,我们会错过末班车。)
Come on!I’ll show you around.(跟我来!我带你转转。)
Come on!Not your silly excuses agajn.(拜托!不是又是你的那些可笑的借口吧!)另外,How come?是口语上经常被用来代替why的字,是“为什么”的意思。How come?(为什么?怎么会?怎么搞的?怎么回事?)

还有,come up with(想出办法、、计划)也较常用。例如:He couldn’t come up with an appropriate resolution just at the time.(那时他想不出一个合适的解决办法。)

最后说个谚语:Easy come easy go.(来得容易去得也快。)

10-06-4 Joey要拍广告


Chandlen工作的广告公司需要拍摄一个广告,Joey请Chandler向他的公司引荐或帮忙说好话,以便让自己可以有机会出演这个广告,Chandler觉得Joey不适合这个角色,担心他演不好。但Joey不想错过这个机会,于是,Joey给了Chandler一盘带子.上面有他曾做过的一个广告片.让Chandler先“欣赏”一下.如果不满意,可以不必再让他的上司过目了.Chandler不愿意又不好明说, 只好先收下。

Joey(to Chandler): Look, c'mon, please? It's not like I'm asking for some crazy favour. This is what I do for a living. I am a professional actor! (he glances at his watch and sees the time) Oh, man, I'm two hours late for work! (he stands, ready to go). Look, here's a copy of my reels. It's got all the commercials that I've been in.

Chandler: Joe...
Joey: Just watch it, and if you don't like it, you don't pass it on to your bosses!


“Could you please do me a favor?”在口语中比较常用。意思是:“你能帮我一个忙吗?”还有一些相似的“寻求帮助”的说法,比如:

Could I ask you for a favour?

Could you lend me a hand with sth?

I know it's a lot to ask,but could youjust do this for me7

Can you help me out with sth.?

Would you mind doing sth.?

Would you be kind enough to do sth.?

Would you be so nice as to do sth.?


No problem.

I'd like to.

I'd be glad to.

It's my pleasure to help you.


That is what I am here for.

Sure/Yes / Yeah/Of course.

Just tell me what I can do for you.


I wish I could,but it's really beyond my capability...

I'd like to,but...

I'm sorry,but...

It's not like that 1 wouldn't help,but...

I'm afraid I couldn't do anything about that.

I really can't.

Sorry.but I really don't want to get involved in this kind of stuff.

Sorry,but l don't think it's my business.

Sorry,but I could barely deal with my own problems.

What do you think I am?Almighty God?

10-06-5 谎言的代价



Chandler: Look, I'm sorry I didn't give them your tape. And I promise, next time to submit you whether I think you are right for the part or not.
Joey: That's not the point Chandler. The point is that you lied.
Chandler: I know. You're right. What's it gonna take for you to forgive me?


这里的“take”相当于歌曲Right Here Waiting中的那个“take”,即:Whatever it takes,or hoW my heart breaks,I will be right here waiting for you.意思等于“cost”,表示“代价,需要,花费,费力”等。


See ya!Take care!(再见!保重!)
Take it easy!(放松,别紧张,冷静下来,从容点儿)例如:
Take it easy!The operation is safe.(别紧张!手术很安全。)
相当于get sb.wrong(误解,误会)例如:
Don't take it a wrong way.(Don't get me wrong.)I don’t mean to be。offensive.(别误会!我没有冒犯的意思。)
take one’s time(别慌,慢慢来)例如:
take your time! We still got some time left.
take five or take ten(进行很短的休息,如五分钟或十分钟的小憩)例如:You work like a workaholic.Come on!Take five!(你工作起来像个工作狂。来吧!休息一会儿!)
Take it or leave it.(要么接受,要么拉例;要不要,随你的便)例如:
I can only lend you five pounds.Takc it or leave it.(我只能借你5磅。要不要,随便你。)
take for granted想当然认为是真实的、正确的或会要发生的,低估了价值
take notice of(注意到)
takc sides(支持,站在某一边)
takc a dav off(请一天假)
take eves off sb.(移开目光,注意力)
It takes two.(一个巴掌拍不响。)
Love takes two.(爱不是一厢情愿。)
Don't cake it so seriouslv.(别’把这件事看得这么严重。)
take away or takc out(外卖,把饭买回家食用)
takc sth.into account or take sth.into consideration(把……考虑在内)
You can't always insist on your own way-there has to be some give-and-take.(你不能老坚持你自己的方式,应该有些互让。)

Give sb.an inch and they’ll take a mille.(得寸进尺)。例如:
You'd better not make concessions to these people.Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.(最好不要和这些人妥协。他们会得寸进尺。)