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The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-sits

Monica and Chandler ask Rachel to write a letter of recommendation to their adoption agency; Joey feels left out because they didn't ask him, so they do. After a botched attempt to write a good letter, he does a re-write and drops it off without showing it to them first. The adoption agency thinks it's wonderful that they had a "child" write their recommendation. Phoebe unknowingly ridicules every idea Mike has for proposing to her. He finally does it the right way - he gets down on one knee and opens his heart. On Rachel's advice, her sister, Amy, breaks up with her fiance (whom she doesn't love), and temporarily moves in with Rachel. Rachel wants to help Amy be a better, more responsible person, so when Emma's nanny gets sick, Rachel decides to let her take care of Emma for the day. Emma ends up with pierced ears, and Rachel realizes Amy is beyond help.

瑞秋教育她那颇以自我为中心的小妹艾米(Christina Applegate 客串)去追求自己的幸福,为了培养她的责任感,不顾罗斯的反对,让她帮忙照看爱玛。





Mike 以“周年纪念日”为由,准备向Phoebe婚,他们在看比赛的时候,看到一位男士在大屏幕上向女友求婚, Phoebe觉得这种事俗不可耐,Mike很尴尬,因为他原本也打算在看Knicks same(篮球比赛)时,通过大屏幕向Phoebe妇浪漫地求婚,但不知情的Phoebe说那太俗气。他只好跑去取消他的书婚计划。

Chandler: So you must be going to somewhere fancy to celebrate?

Phoebe: Uh-uh. Ehm, a Knicks game.

Joey: Uhm... Aren't you a little overdressed?

Phoebe: Hey, you know what, I've never had a one-year anniversary before, so no matter where we go, I'm wearing something fancy pants, and... I'm gonna put on my finest jewelry and we're gonna have sex in a public rest room.


fancy这里是个形容词,意思是“别致的,价格高昂的,装饰精美的,豪华的”,比如:we ate in a fancy French restaurant and then stayed in a fancy hotel-the Hilton Hotel.(我们在一个别致的法国餐厅就餐,然后又下榻在豪华的希尔顿酒店。)Cinderella only wanted a simple black dress.nothing fancy.(灰姑娘只想要一件简单的、朴素的黑色礼服。)此外,作形容词讲时,它还有“奇特的,异样的”之意。比如,西方的“化装舞会”即是“a Emcy dress ball”。

·Do you fancy a drink7
·I fancy a ride.
·I used to fancy swimming in that swimming poo1.
He could tell she fancied him.


I fancy sth./doing sth.
I aHl crazy about it.
I have a crush on it.
I anl keen on sth./doing sth.
It's my cup of tea.
I feel like doing...
I love it.
I can't get enough of it.
I enjoy sth./doing sth.
I am happy to...
I’m pleased by...
It's cool / cute/awesome/fantast/lovely/amazing/ terrific/neat|superb/great.


I don't fancy that.
It's not my cup of tea.
I hate it.
I dislike sth./ doing sth.
I arn not so kccn on it.
I don't care for it.
I am not crazy about it.
It is more than I can stand.
I am so cired of it.
I got fed up with it.
I feel SIck of it.
It stl’nks.
lt is terrible / horrlble/awful/dlsgusting.

fancy作动词讲,还可以是“想象,设想,认为,幻想”的意思。例如,口语中和人打招呼时,我们常用到:Fancy meeting you here!w11at a CoinCidence/surprise!(想不到在这儿见到你了!真巧啊!/真令人惊奇!)

knicks是指the New York Knicks-basketball team(纽约尼克斯职业篮球队)。现将一些著名的NBA(National Basketball Association)篮球队名称列举如下:

The san Antoniio Spurs
The Dallas Maverlcks
The Houston Rockets休斯顿火箭队(篮球明星姚明效力于此队。)
The Los Angeles Lakers洛杉矶湖人队
The chicago Bulls芝加哥公牛队(“飞人乔丹”(Air Jordon)曾经效力的篮球队。)During thc 1980s and 1 990s,Michael Jordan created a legend and made the Bulls the most Wldely rccognIZed American sports team throughout the World.
T1le Detro it pistons底特律活塞队
Tlle Washington Wizards 华盛顿奇才队(The wizards play in the nation’s capital,Washington.D.C..
Do not be confused with Washington state on the other side of the country.)
The orlando Magic奥兰多魔术队(orlando,F10rida,is best known as thc holrle of walt Disney world.佛罗里达州的奥兰多以迪斯尼世界乐园最为著名。迪斯尼世界乐园的中心是“魔术王国”)

The Milwankee Bucks




当phoebe发现她搞砸了Mike的书婚计划时,她很后悔,很难过。她垂头丧气地回来,想让她的五个好朋友给她支招。Monice说她和Chandlen的周年纪念日很糟糕。phoebe说自己的比她的更糟糕,并讲述了自己的遭遇。 Monica建议Phoebe打破常规,主动向Mike求婚。可怎料,此举让Mike在众人面前很尴尬,逐被称为“Mn. No Balls”……好事多磨,几经周折,他俩终于互订终身了。'
Monica: Oh, well, I bought Chandler a five hundred dollar watch and he wrote me a rap song.
Ross: Seriously?
Chandler: Word!
Phoebe: Well, mine was worse than that.
Rachel: Well, what happened?
Phoebe: We were at the game, and this guy proposed to his girlfriend on the big screen thing...
Rachel: Oh, that is so tacky.
Phoebe: Well, that’s what I said, but it turns out, Mike was planning on proposing to me that same way last night!


Word!这里是“black slang”,这里的意思是“Agreed!Yes!Yep!Yeah!

You got it!That's true!”此外,表示“同意,肯定,赞同”意思的表达法还有:
I'll say!
You bet!
That's right!
That's for sure!
You'd better believe it!
You can say that again!
I knew it!
I agree.
I couldn't agree with you more!
That's absolutely true!
That's the point!

You've got to be kidding/joking!
Are you freaking kidding me?
I'm afraid we don't see eye to eye with each other.
I won't buy that.
That's a laugh!
I can hardly believe it!
I don’t think so.
No way!
That's crazy!
You just don't know what you are talking about!
You couldn't be more wrong.


I guess you could say that,but...
That's more or less true,but...
I understand what you mean,but...
I see your point,but the truth is...
You may have your point there,but...



Chandlen和Monica要寄推荐信给领养中心。 Joey主动要帮Monica和Chandlen给收着中心的人写推荐信,为了突显其“聪明”和“水平”, Joey借助电脑使用big,wonds(艰涩词汇),写出的文章令人费解。后来,Joey用自己的话,手写了一篇推荐信。可写完之后,他没有先让ehnndlen和Monica看过,就直接把信寄到领养中心。 Chnndgen赶紧打电话到领养中心去告诉他们不要看那封信,把信撕掉。但领养中心的人告诉他,这封由“小孩子”写的推荐信赢得了收养中心的人的青睐。因为,这证明了他们真的很爱小孩子。他们觉得此举很聪明,很有创意

Chandler: (on the phone) Hello, this is Chandler Bing. Somebody just dropped off a handwritten recommendation letter, and.. (listens) Uh-huh... Uh-huh... okay... thank you. Good-bye. (hangs up looking very confused).
Monica: Ugh, we're screwed, aren't we? You know what? Just tell me on the way to the bird store.
Chandler: (Still looks confused) They loved it.
Monica: What?
Chandler: They thought it was very smart of us to have a child write the recommendation letter.


我们较熟悉的screw(sth.)up作为俚语,有“搞糟,毁了,伤害,损坏;把事情弄糟,搞得一塌糊涂”之意思。相当于to mess something up,to make a mistake,or to spoil something,or to make a mess of an undertaking等等。例如:

I screwed the TEM一8 exam up totally.
·If you screw up again,you’ll be in troubIe!
·Li fting those boxes really screwed up my back.

screwed(up)还有另一个意思,即“unhappy,miserable,and anxious because of bad experiences.”(因坏遭遇使心情烦乱、难过或痛苦)。例如:
He's been really screwed up since his wifc died.

另外,screwed还可作“被欺骗:to be fooled or deceived”讲。例如:
·The innocent girl was screwed by that playboy.

有时,在和外国人交流的时候,他们会说:“中国学生说英语,好像是在背课文。有些生硬,不自然。”针对这一点,如果养成了好的言语习惯并恰当地运用会话填充语,则可以使对话更自然、更流利、更地道。比如说.这里的You know what?是一个引入语(conversational introducer),当我们想改变话题、引入新的话题,或者想继续谈话时。要使用一些类似的用语:

You know what?
By che way...
Guess what?
Let me tell you sth.
You know sth.?
I wanna you know sth.
Yot know,
Yot see,
You know,
kind of/kinda
sort of/ sorta
I mean...
You know what I'm saying?
I guess.
I suppose.
Could be.
If you like...
Is that so?




Rachel教育她那另类、颇以自我为中心的小妹Amy去追求自已的幸福,找到自己人生的方向。为了培养她的责任感,帮助她变成一个betten penson,不顾Ross的反对,Rachel让她帮忙照看Emma。但Rachel很快就后悔自己所做的决定,因为Amy居然带Emma去扎了耳洞,逐说自己的人生目标是要成为一个baby时尚专家。

Rachel: I can't believe this. All I wanted to do was help you try to figure out what to do with your life and this is how you repay me?

Amy: Well, I don't need you to help me, because I already know what I'm going to do with my life.

Rachel: Oh yeah? Since when?

Amy: Since today... I am going to be a baby stylist.


figure out在口语中出现的频率也比较高。它的意思是“找到方法或答案,解决,明白,了解”。例如:
·We must figure out how to solve the problem.

口语中我们还会用到与之意思相近的表达法:work out,sort out,get sth.sorted,get sth.done等。

work out(to find out how to do something and to make a plan or deeision)比如:Negotiators are trying to work out a peace settlement.(谈判者正努力寻求一个和解方法。)此外,work out还可以表达“成功,朝着好的方向发展”(to happen or develop in a partlcular way,especialy in a Successful way)。例如:
This COUple did try not to screw this marriage up,but finally it stiIl didn't work out.(the marriage was not SUCCESSflul)

sort out的意思是“成功解决难题”(to Successfully deal with a problem or difficult situation:成功解决难题)。例如:

·Initially we had some problems with our computer system but they've been sorted out nOW.



本集中,Rachel的妹妹Amy跑到Rachel和Joey的住处,她跟Rachel说她要嫁给她以前男朋友的老爸。因为那老头非常有钱。Rachel跟她语重心长地谈过之后,终于说服她不做这种傻事,而是寻求真正属于自己的幸福和她的Mn.Right。Amy甩了那老头之后,决定搬去跟Rachel和Joey住。Rachel虽然有些不愿意,但毕竟血浓于水,手足情深。(Blood is thicken than waten.)她还是让她留下了。Joey也不高兴,因为他讨厌Amy。
Amy: I took your advice, I left Myron.
Rachel: Oh, good for you!
Amy: I know! I'm Erin Brockovich!
Rachel: Yes you are! Oh, I am so proud of you!
Amy: Thank you! So, can I stay with you?
Rachel: But Erin Brockovich had her own house.


作为一部受到观众喜爱的美国情景喜剧(Sitcom)《老友记》的精彩并不仅仅来源于它对生活原生态的再现。它像是存讲述发生存我们身边的故事,很亲切,很生活化。比如说,这里所讲的“血浓于水,手足情深。”的故事。或许,那原本就是我们自己的故事。冉加上形形色色的客串明星的“致命诱惑”。比如,这里的Amy是由Christina Applegate客串的。还有,之后第六集里会出现的Charlie的前任男友Benjamin则是由Greg Kinnear客串。

九其值得一提的是《老友记》所蕴涵的独特的“美式”文化。其人物的对白对美国文化底蕴体现得淋漓尽致。比如,此处所提到的Erin Brockovich是由大明星朱莉娅·罗伯茨主演的美国电影《永不妥协》(《伊人当自强》)里面的主人公埃琳·布罗克维奇。剧中,埃琳·布罗克维奇(朱莉娅·罗伯茨饰)是一位经历了两次离婚并拖着三个孩子的单身母亲,埃琳发现当地社区内隐藏着重大环境污染事件,居民们逐渐被主人公那种执着坚韧的性格打动,团结起来对抗污染。埃琳.这个单身母亲用无比坚韧的性格向世人证明了一个“弱女子”的能力,并实现了自我价值。《永不妥协》是一部关于一个人如何成长、寻求肯定的自传电影。这部影片告诉我们,每个人都有值得尊敬的地方.每个人都有值得肯定的地方,只要他肯努力。由此,我们很容易理解,为什么生于斯、长于斯的美国人会对《老友记》产生强烈的认同感。也是为什么会有越来越多的各国英语爱好者将它视为学习英语、了解美国文化和风土人情最好的寓教于乐的英语教材。