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The One With The Soap Opera Party

Rachel continues to struggle with her feelings for Joey. Joey gives the gang tickets to a one-woman play (Why Don't You Like Me?) to get rid of them while he has a party for his Soap Opera buddies, on the roof. Everyone finds out and comes to his party, except Chandler, who gets stuck at the play, watching a bitter woman complain about life. Ross meets a beautful new professor (Charlie) and they hit it off really well. He brings her to Joey's party, but hesitates to make a move because he's intimidated by her past romantic interests, all Nobel Prize winners. Rachel decides to go after Joey, but then she finds him making out with Charlie, which spoils her plans and Ross's. Chandler tricks Monica and Phoebe into going to the play.




9-20-1 Rachel对Joey有想法



Monica: You wanna fool around with Joey?

Rachel: Yeah! You know, ever since I had that dream about him, and can't get it out of my head! And what's the big deal, people do it all the time!

Monica: Who? Who do you know that are friends that just fool around?

Rachel: Ok, off the top of my head... Don and Janet.

Monica: Who, who are they?

Rachel: I know them from work.

Monica: Both of them?

Rachel: No, one of them...

Monica: Which one?

Rachel: I don't know, what were the names I just said?


这里Rachel的讲话中用到了这样一个词组off the top of one's head。这是一个非正式的用法,英文解释为at once,without careful thought;中文释义为“立即,马上,不假思索地”;可以看下面的例句:
I am not sure of the answer,but off the top of my head I’d say there were about 30.
I can't tell you the infOrmation off the top of my head.I'll have to look it up.


over the top,这也是一个非正式用法,尤其在英式英语中出现较多,英文解释为more than reasonable,sensible,or proper,中文释义为“出格的,不得当的”。请看下面的例句:
·His jokes are always in such bad tastes; he can’t be funny without going over the top.

on top of这个词组有两个意思,第一个是“除了……之外(in addition to)”的意思,如在这句话中:
Hc lost his job and on top of that his wife left him.

第二个意思是“对……的完全掌握(in complete control of)”,例如在下面这个短语中:
She is a competent teacher who's really on top of her job.

相反的,与该片断中off the top of one’s head意思相反的一个短语是

tak(one's mind off,意为“不再想起某件事”,例如:

·I decided to clear up the car to take my mind off the events of the day.

chess mind
collective mind
computer mind
crowd mind
enquiring mind
group mind
questioning mind
quick mind
single mind
slipt mind




经过交谈,Ross了解到Chanlie离开Boston是因为跟男友分手,心中不免窃喜。Ross 嘴上说很遗憾,可是脸上逐是露出了抑制不住的微笑,终于盼来了机会。在接下来的聊天过程中,万万没有让Ross料到的是,之前跟Ghanlie约会的男子不是诺贝尔奖得主(Nobet Pnize winnens),就是天才奖学金的得主(Genius schognship winnen),弄得Ross喝完了酒就想毙了自己的脑袋。Ross这才意识到自己根本没法跟Ghanlie的前任男友去比,因为他认为他们根本就不是同一类人……

Phoebe: Hey Ross!

Rache: How is it going with Charlie?

Ross: (sarcastically) Oh Great! After I finish my wine I'm going to blow my... eh. average-sized brains out.

Phoebe: Oh, What's the matter?

Ross: She... she only dates geniuses and Nobel Prize winners. Oh my God, at the chinese restaurant earlier today, I put chopsticks in my mouth and pretented to be a woolly mammoth.

Rachel: I always loved that!!

Ross: Of course you would, your brains are smaller than mine!! (Rachel nods) Man, I can't compete with the guys she goes out with, they are so out of my league! oh my God!


存这段节选中,Ross的台词中有这样一个词组blow someone’s brain out,这是一个非正式用语,英文释义为kill someone by a shot through the head,就是说(以枪弹射人头部)枪杀某人。

blow someone's mind:使吃惊,使惊奇的意思(to fill someone with wonder;amaze),请看例句:
Meeting her after so many years really.blew my mind.


blow someonc a kiss:向……飞吻(to kiss one's hand and then wave or blow over it towards the person onc would like to receive the kiss)

blow in:忽然来访;出其不意地来到。例如:
Jim has just blown in.(吉姆刚刚不知被哪阵风吹来了。)

blow off:离开;离去,例如:
·A gust of wind blew my hat off.

blow out:①吹熄;使熄灭。例如:
·A gust of wind blew the flickering candle out.
Jane blew the birthday candle out and said a wish for herself.
Jane blew the flame out.(Jane把火焰弄灭。)

The explosion blew the windows out.(爆炸把窗户给炸飞了。)

·blow up the bridge(把桥炸毁)
·blow up a balloon(给气球打气)
·bloW up tires(给轮月台打气)
③放大(照片)。例如:·blow up a photograph(把照片放大)