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  1.The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history, alone with the advance of the society and the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention,one of which is that……
  2.Recently the phenomenon has aroused wide concern, some people are in alarm that....
  3....... plays such an important role that it un de nia bly (无可厚非的)becomes a wide-spread concern of the present world, there comes a question, is it a blessing or a curse?"
  4.As society develops, There are a wide-spread concern over……
  5.As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people take different attitudes.
  6.As to whether it is worthwhile ....., there is a long-running controversial debate. As an an old saying goes every coin has two sides ', it goes without saying that (毋庸置疑) people from different backgrounds may have divergent(相异的) attitudes towards it.
  7.In the process of modern urban development, we often find ourselves in a dilemma.
  8.More and more people become appreciating the convenience of mobile phone.
  9.People are attaching more and more importance to the interview during job hunting
  10.Some people contend that ... has proved to bring many advantages (disadvantages)
  11.People who advocate that ...,also have their sound reasons (grounds)
  12.As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to be on the side of the latter view.
  13.If asked to make a decision, I would prefer...
  14.We should adopt a more reasonable attitude towards the pursuit(追求) of fashion.
  15.It is widely believed…… Is vitally important.
  16.……means much more than…… It means ……
  17.…… and some would never ……
  18. We should take well advantage of the …… and reduce the disadvantage of it to the minimum.
  19.……is always irritating when it unexpectedly ……in …… when many students are concentrating on study.
  20.不可否认There is no denying that…
  21.就…达到绝对的一致 reach an absolute consensus on… 
  22.有充分的理由支持 be supported by sound reasons
  23.对…必不可少 be indispensable to …
  24.…也不例外 …be no exception
  25.打下坚实的基础 lay a solid foundation for…
  26.致力于 be committed to…
  27. 应当承认 Admittedly, 
  28.不可推卸的义务 unshakable duty
  29.在一定程度上 to some extent/ degree / in some way 
  30. 理论和实践相结合 integrate theory with practice
  31. …必然趋势 an irresistible(不可抗拒的[iri`zistibl]) trend of…
  32.交流思想/ 情感/ 信息 exchange ideas/ emotions/ information
  33.跟上…的最新发展 keep pace with 
  34.身心两方面 both physically and mentally
  35.有间接关系 be indirectly related to…
  36. 提出折中提议 set forth a compromise proposal 
  37. 相反 in contrast / on the contrary.
  38.经不起推敲 cannot bear closer analysis / cannot hold water
  39.承受更大的工作压力 suffer from heavier work pressure
  40.更多地强调 put more emphasis on…
  41.实现梦想 realize one’s dream/ make one’s dream come true
  42.我们还有很长的路要走 We still have a long way to go.
  43. When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study.说到教育,大部分人认为其是一个终生的学习
  44. Any government, which is blind to this point, may pay a heavy price.任何政府忽视这一点都将付出巨大的代价。
  45. Although this view is wildly held, this is little evidence that ……尽管这一观点被广泛接受,很少有证据表明……
  46. In fact, we have to admit the fact that the quality of life is as important as life itself.事实上,我们必须承认生命的质量和生命本身一样重要。
  47. People believe that computer skills will enhance their job opportunities or promotion opportunities.人们相信拥有计算机技术可以获得更多工作或提升的机会。
  48. The information I've collected over last few years leads me to believe that this knowledge may be less useful than most people think.从这几年我搜集的信息来看,这些知识并没有人们想象的那么有用。
  49. Even the best possible graduate needs to continue learning before she or he becomes an educated person.即使最优秀的毕业生,要想成为一个博学的人也要不断地学习
  50. It is commonly thought that our society had dramatically changed by modern science and technology, and human had made extraordinary(意想不到的[ikstrD:dnəri] ) progress in knowledge and technology over the recent decades.人们普遍认为现代科技使我们的社会发生了巨大的变化,近几十年人类在科技方面取得了惊人的进步。
  51. By taking a majorrelated partjob, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, they will never be able to get from the textbooks.通过做一份和专业相关的工作,学生不仅能够提高他们的专业能力,而且能获得从课本上得不到的经验。
  52. Children are undergoing fast physical development; lack of physical exercise may produce disastrous influence on their later life.孩子们正处于身体快速发育时期,缺乏体育锻炼可能会对他们未来的生活造成严重的影响。83. In addition to the obvious problem—loneliness, another major obstacle, in my opinion, is the alien environment of campus.除了孤独这一明显的问题之外,我认为另一个困难是对校园环境的不熟悉。
  53. 从另一个角度 from another perspective
  54.做出共同努力 make joint efforts 
  55.眼前利益 short-term interest